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This Goal focuses on ensuring the highest quality of life in according to what is needed by a develop country. To achieve this aspiration, the main focus needs to be on key developing facilities and infrastructure, national security, environmental conservation and providing social safeguards and support needed by the community. High quality of life includes self-development, healthy lifestyle and access to facilities that enables us to achieve social wellbeing aligned to the national development objectives.

Quality of life includes other aspects of development such as Healthcare, social, cultural and environmental. Looking back at the Wawasan Brunei 2035 Framework, Goal 2 has five (5) National Outcomes. Eleven (11) Key Areas and fourteen (14) National Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Wawasan Brunei 2035

National Outcomes

Key Areas

National KPI

Kualiti Kehidupan

High Quality of Life

Taraf Hidup yang Tinggi

High Standard of Living

Mempertahankan Kedaulatan dan kestabilan

Upholding Sovereignty

Persekitaran Lestari

Sustainable Environment

Masyarakat yang Bersepadu dan Berdayatahan

Resilient and Cohesive Society

Keselamatan dan Kesihatan Tempat Kerja Bertaraf Antarabangsa

World Class Health and Safety

  • Healthy Nation
  • Access to and High Quality Public Utilities and Infrastructure
  • High Home Ownership
  • High Social Mobility
  • Excellence in Service Delivery
  • One of the Safest Countries in the World
  • A Clean and Green Environment
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Social Security
  • Population with Core Values
  • Social Harmony through Community Unity
  • Compliance to Occupational Health and Safety Legislation/Standards

14 KPI