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A Dynamic and Sustainable Economy

Currently, Brunei Darussalam's economy is dependent on the oil and gas sector as both its main export and income. In ensuring the economy is sustainable for our future generations, Goal 3 under Wawasan Brunei 2035 aims to transform the country to become a developed nation with a high income, utilizing knowledge and technology as the basis of development and boosting private sector involvement while strengthening the public sector's role in realizing the country's economic potential.

Therefore, diversifying our economy is among the main agenda in the nation's economic development. In the Wawasan Brunei 2035 Framework, Goal 3 has four (4) National Outcomes, eleven (11) Key Areas which are being monitored through fifteen (15) National Key Performance Indicators.

Wawasan Brunei 2035

National Outcomes

Key Areas

National KPI

Ekonomi Yang Dinamik Dan Berdayatahan

A Dynamic and Sustainable Economy

Pertumbuhan Ekonomi yang Tinggi dan Berdayatahan

High Sustainable Growth

Kepelbagaian Ekonomi

Diversified Economy

Tahap Pengangguran yang Rendah

Low Unemployment

Kestabilan Makroekonomi

Macro Economic Stability

  • Output and Productivity
  • Investment
  • Sector Diversification
  • Export Diversification
  • Widening Revenue Base
  • Jobs Creation
  • Workforce Mobility
  • Price Stability
  • External Balance
  • Fiscal Stability
  • Financial Stability

15 KPI